An easy, step by step guide on how you can help to stop Putin, and the war in Ukraine

On the 24th February 2022 the Russian Federation, started an unjust war against the peaceful people of Ukraine. Millions of refugees. Thousands are dead. Kremlin is bombing historical cities full of civilians. Aotearoa New Zealand has always been a strong defender of life, peace, democracy, and international law.

This is not some far away no-man’s land issue. This is not a problem that we, Kiwis, can just ignore. The Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and everyone else affected by this horrific war, are right here in NZ living and working right beside you. Developing software, building wind turbines, working in supermarkets, designing and constructing buildings. It affects our loved ones, our friends, our work colleagues. We are your whānau. We watch as our own people die, while our own people kill. New Zealand can no longer JUST watch. We must act immediately to do our part in stopping Putin, saving our Ukrainian whānau and along with it Europe, and the civilised world. We are doing the Mahi for Ukraine, and here is how YOU can help.

1. Reach your local MP

Our requests:

1. Permit immediate entry to New Zealand the immediate and close family members of Ukrainians living in NZ on humanitarian grounds (along with their partners and children).

2. Increase New Zealand’s refugee quota for 2022/2023 with a special allotment for Ukrainian refugees (emergency intake of 3,500 to 5,000 refugees).

3. Increase New Zealand’s humanitarian aid to assist Ukrainian people from NZD2,000,000 to a minimum of NZD 20,000,000.

4. Apply stringent sanctions against the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus.

5. Commit to establishing a direct diplomatic mission to Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian families of New Zealanders bound for NZ. And create a platform to condemn and counter the misinformation by the Russian Federation.

2. Donate

Local NZ based Givealittle initiatives

Givealittle: Medical supplies for the Ukrainian peopleGivealittle: Help a Ukrainian Kiwi to #StandWithUkraine
Official Ukrainian Government Funds

Account for humanitarian aidHelp Ukraine Armed Forces Defend Their Country
Helping Children

UnicefVoices of Children Foundation
Independent journalism

Kyiv Independant - GoFundMe, Patreon

Other recognised initiatives
Come Back Alive - Supplying Ukraine's defence forces with defensive equipment. Armour, bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, etc.Army SOS - Supplying Ukrainian soldiers with necessary medicine.LGBTQIA+ Ukraine Support Organisation: Insight UkraineRevived Soldiers Ukraine - A non-profit to help wounded soldier, and their rehabilitation.A large list of available charities around the world - Recognised by Ukrainian government.

3. Follow us